Introduction To Slendertoxtea (Day & Night)



When I took part in the #BHTWITTERPARTY the other evening, I asked to be “gifted” of Slendertoxtea. I’ve heard a lot about these teas – both good things and bad things so I wanted to see what it was like for myself. I know a lot of celebrities swear by it and a few bloggers aren’t fans but I’ve decided to try it and keep a diary for you all..

*Disclaimer: Slenderteatox have kindly sent these products. I was asked to review the product within 5 days it’s impossible to do a full rundown (I will try), but I will be posting a full review on the 14th May so stay tuned. 

The Daytox 




Ingredients: Hawthorn Grain, Red Bean, Sterling Bean, Radish Leaf, Camellia Seed, Camellia Flower, Green Tea, Fennel Seeds.

The Sleeptox




I started my morning daytox on Friday 24rd and I drank a cup first thing. Also as the morning cup, I started my evening daytox on Thursday 23rd and drank a cup a few hours before bed. Slender recommend you drink one every other evening.

Thursday 23rd (evening) – I had my cup of tea at 6:45pm during the break of Hollyoaks and by 8:30pm, I was asleep on the couch. I had no toilet issues.

Friday 24th (morning) – I woke up and had my tea at 8:45am and kept myself hydrated with water throughout the day. Around 3pm, the toilet issue kicked in. I barely ate that day; just three square meals and I felt a lot better. I was on the toilet every few hours but I wasn’t exactly running in case I pooped myself. You know?

Saturday 25th (morning) – I was working at the local race course so didn’t take one (due to the toilet issues).

Saturday 25th (evening) – I’m rubbish.. I forgot

Sunday 26th (morning) – Had one at 9am before I went into Liverpool with friends. At brunch, I didn’t eat my entire plate of food so the tea had definitely kicked in. No toilet issues.

Monday 27th (morning) – Had one at 8:4am when the dog had his breakfast and I already feel energised.

So far.. I’m really surprised at the flavours. I thought I wouldn’t like them but I really do. I don’t put any sugar in because it’s sweet but not overpowering. I’m continuing with the detox because I would like to see the end result.

If you decided to try these teas for yourself, do stay hydrated, eat healthy and work out!!

I’ll keep you all updated. 

EL xx

My MakeUp/Skin Care Storage


Hi everyone!

I’ve wanted to do this post for SO long now. I really enjoy watching YouTube videos about makeup storage and I thought – why not do my own but on my blog? I’ve broken it down between in my top draw of my middle wardrobe and on top of the draw…

In The Top Draw..


In my top draw, I like to keep my makeup, some hair products, spare deodorants and facial pads/cream (I buy in bulk incase anyone is wondering).

GHD Straighteners
I don’t use these as much as I used to. I’m growing my hair and heat stops it from growing so at the moment, it’s always in a bun (hint the doughnut bun at the right!). I do use heat protection spray but we’ll get to that.. I got these straighteners when I was 21 and now I’m 24 – they were a birthday present from Selfridges in The Trafford Centre.

Make Up
The cream box was a bargain from Tesco; £3.50. I’ve wanted one from IKEA but when I was late night shopping with my Dad, I spotted it and thought of how my makeup kept sliding everywhere and it was driving me mad!

Majority of my makeup is featured in a few blog posts: My Everyday MakeUp Routine, Five Products On My Face, What’s In My MakeUp Bag & Beauty/Skin Care Favourites. If you are interested in more detail – those will give it to you! That also includes my red makeup bag!

Tangle Teezer
HOLY GRAIL. A friend from High School told me about this a while ago and for £10.99 from Boots, I would happily pay that again. My hair is so much more softer and in amazing condition. I can’t use a regular hair brush anymore without crying out in pain! There’s also my hair band which I use if I’m applying my makeup and I’m yet to do my hair. I do have a comb somewhere in that picture.. It’s like spotting wally!

Skin Care
Nivea are my favourite skin care company – they’ve blessed me with amazing products since I was in High School (they haven’t sent me any before you ask!) and it just works wonders with my skin. It’s fantastic to use on your face or anywhere on your body. I’d highly, highly recommend this to pretty much anyone!

On Display..


Victoria Beckham Perfume – The only perfume I like.
Aussie Heat Protection Spray
Sanex Deodorant


Nail Polish Removers – I tend to pick up the cheapest
Spare Aussie Heat Protection Spray
L’Oreal Hairspray
Mark Hill (Christmas Set) – Hairspray and Anti-Humidity Spray
Johnson’s Gentle Exfoliating Wash


Marks & Spencer Hand Creams
Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream


I’ve that flower pot since FOREVER. I keep little things in here:
Nail Scissors
Black Thread
Spare L’Oreal Liquid Liner


In front of another FCUK box, I keep majority of my skin care products.


I love having my makeup brushes in my FCUK (this is not sponsored, I swear!) candle jar. It just looks really cute. Behind those is *another* FCUK box and in there, I keep all my nail polishes (should I do a blog post about those?) and lip balms.

I hope you enjoyed seeing where I keep my makeup and skin care products! Where do you keep yours? 

EL xx

Review of The Vintage Guide To Love And Romance by Kirsty Greenwood

Published: 9th April 2015
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Pages: 400


Jessica Beam is a girl who knows how to party. Only lately she’s been forgetting to turn up for work on time. Or in clean clothes. Down on her luck, out of a job and homeless, Jess seeks the help of her long-lost grandmother. Things aren’t going well for Matilda Beam, either. Her 1950s Good Woman guide books are out of print, her mortgage repayments are staggering and her granddaughter wears neon Wonderbras. When a lifeline from a London publisher arrives, the pair have an opportunity to secure the roof over their heads – by invigorating the Good Woman guides and transforming modern, rebellious Jess into a demure vintage lady. The true test of their make-over will be to capture the heart of notorious London playboy Leo Frost and prove that Matilda’s guides still work. It’s going to take commitment, nerves of steel and one seriously pointy bra to pull this off…


Thank you to Pan Macmillan for kindly sending me a review copy.

The opening of this book is absolutely brilliant. Jess, our main character, is trying to get “Jimothy” to leave her flat after a one night stand and he’s nothing short of hilarious. Jess has a wonderful personality – feisty, quick witted and an utter mess but that doesn’t stop her from loving life. Jess and Summer work and live together – taking their cat to photoshoots, attending events and making their joint blog the best it can possibly be.

“I don’t get it, but we wrote about it on the blog last week and apparently it’s really on trend.”

Jess lost her Mum while she was in her first year of University and that allowed me to sympathise with her as my Nan passed away at the same time. I really liked the element of Summer being there for Jess, picking her up when she’s down, making sure she eats and remembering the good times. What I found to be unique were the old diary entries from Rose (Jess’s Mum) as they gave a touch of connection, love and it was also nice to read about her journey into becoming pregnant with Jess.

“Shit. Did I just shout ‘knob-prince’ at a booker-prize winner’s book launch?”

When the friendship between Jess and Summer shuts down, she goes on the search for her grandma – Matilda Beam who just happens to be struggling with her republished books – cue Jess and her super duper writing skills. This particular scene reminded me a lot of when Cameron Diaz seeks out her grandma in the film In Her Shoes. As Jess worms her way into Matilda’s life, their relationship doesn’t get off to the best of starts – what with the jumping, shrieking cat and the room full of dolls which made me shudder!

“Is – is she sending me to bed? Now? It’s not even nine o’clock.”

When Matilda and her publisher come up with an idea with revamp The Vintage Guides, the narrative quickly becomes more indulgent and gripping (not that it wasn’t already!). Jess doesn’t think much of this plan and I’m not surprised – she has to write and make an attractive man fall for her. Oh the effort.. While Jess and her grandma spend more and more time together, there seems to be  the hushed topic of Rose – mother to Jess, daughter to Matilda. What actually happened?

“Don’t be such a loser. It’ll be like Rapunzel. Or the end of Pretty Woman.”

Kirsty’s writing is just incredible. It’s full of wit, humour and mega LOL moments. In between Easter puppy walks, I was glued to this book and I will highly recommend it to pretty much anyone. The end of the plot is a rollercoaster which I just loved. I can’t wait for the next Jess book because she’s a corker of a  character!

Twitter: @KirstyBooks

Review of GlamGlow/AmazingCosmetics Concealer & Witch Clearing Serum


Fear not, it’s almost the weekend..

In our North West Bloggers MeetUp goodie bags, we received skincare and beauty products (as well as hair care but I’ll come to that..) and I’ve really enjoyed trying them out.

GlamGlow / Amazing Cosmetics




GlamGlow/AmazingCosmetics very kindly produced with us two makeup brushes – a concealer one and one for fake tan which I actually use for bigger patches of concealer as well as the amazing concealer. How many times can I say concealer in one sentence? From what I’ve seen online, they are quite pricey but they do the job. I wore the shade fair golden for a day and it gave my skin the perfect look – goodbye under eye circles and pigment around my nose! When the next day came around, I used my usual Collection and Rimmel one, only to find that my face didn’t look as fantastic as it did yesterday.. I’m definitely going to save this product for days when I’m out and really need that finished look.




I’ve wanted to try the overnight clearing serum for quite a while now as I’ve seen lots of glowing reviews online – I’ll link a couple below for you. I found this to be incredible! I have my own morning and night time routine but adding this into the cycle worked wonders for my skin. I don’t have a lot of spots and I don’t mean that in a braggy way, but because I don’t wear foundation; I barely break out. This is just superb. I just can’t fault it. It’s £5.99 from Boots and I’ll definitely be purchasing it when mine runs out.


What Laura Loves
The Sunday Girl
Creepers And Cupcakes

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post – see you again tomorrow!

EL xx

Review of The Gospel According To Drew Barrymore by Pippa Wright

Published: 26th March 2015
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Pages: 464


Esther and Laura have been best friends since they were seven, when Esther was chubby and Laura was already perfect. So much has changed since then – school, boyfriends, drink, experimental hair-dye, university, jobs, London, babies – and their friendship has changed just as much, but they are still close, still inextricably linked to one another. So when Esther is told that Laura has gone missing, she leaves everything behind – including her husband and small child – to fly to San Francisco and trace her friend’s last movements. All she has is an email from Laura: ‘I’m channelling Drew Barrymore, as ever. The Gospel, right?’ In trying to understand why Laura has disappeared, and what on earth Drew Barrymore has to do with it, Esther needs to look back. Back at the secrets woven into their friendship and the truths she’s avoided facing for so long.


Thank you to Pan Macmillan for kindly sending me a review copy.

The narrative opens with a worried phone call to Esther from Cold War Margie about Laura who has gone missing – no phone calls, no texts or emails from her from days on end. It’s Esther’s job as the best friend to track her down in America, but before that, she takes the readers on a trip down memory lane to the 80’s when the girls first met..

“…some of the bigger girls started a campaign to ban corned beef at lunch.”

Pippa made the transition from 2013 to 1982 really well. The narrators voice changed from adult to child smoothly and that’s an aspect of writing which I really applaud. The voice of the children was so clear and if you opened the book at that particular chapter, it would be obvious what aged the characters were. It was great that Esther and Laura had bonded over the cinematic genius that is E.T and their friendship just grew from there. You could see from their first meeting that their relationship wouldn’t be plain sailing as Laura wanted everything to be done her way or no way. I really enjoyed how one chapter was in the now (2013) and the other was in the past (1982+) and into later years when the girls grow up. This allowed us to learn about them from the beginning and as Laura’s disappearance gave it a mystery sense, I thought it would help readers with clues..

“Now you’ve smoked your first cigarette.”

I could relate to Esther a lot with her having a baby face, being bullied in school, never being cool/popular and just plodding along in life. I really wanted to shout IT GETS BETTER to her because it does. When she went away for University and came back for a family event, she had lost a lot of weight and it was a huge IN YOUR FACE BULLIES moment which I absolutely loved. Esther was by far my favourite character of the book purely for the relatable aspect as well as her faithfulness. The one part of the flashbacks I didn’t like consisted of Ricko *sigh* what a douche. I can’t even comment anymore about him because it was just a complete idiot towards Esther – what happened to boyfriends being nice to their girlfriends best friends?

“…he can dream on if he thinks I’ll do my errands in tight tops and hot pants like the Hill’s Angels.” 

When Esther travels to America for a few days in the hope of finding her best friend, she meets Laura’s boss Stanley but does he know more than he’s leading on? Esther is the type of friend who will drop her entire life (and Penguin party plans) to be with Laura at a time of need < this was in a flashback FYI. But I couldn’t help but think that Laura wouldn’t do the same for Esther which was a shame because she definitely underestimates her friendship with Esther.

“Little Fat Fester, so desperate to be liked.”

Overall, I thought the plot was a little slow for the mystery storyline and I much prefer them to be fast paced but that’s just my cup of tea for discovering the truth in plots. The relationship between Esther and Laura changes vastly and it was very realistic – I could definitely relate! Pippa’s writing style is easy on the eyes, especially with all the Film references and for someone like myself who studied Film for both A Levels and University, it was a bonus!

Twitter: @TroisVerres

Review of Utility & Bespoke Bracelets Jewellery



I haven’t spoken about jewellery since my organisation post which I loved doing! At the North West Bloggers Meet Up, we were given some beautiful pieces and we all didn’t receive the same which is brilliant.



When I saw the parrot necklace in our goodie bags, I couldn’t believe it. They’re absolutely stunning! The Estella Bartlett collection ranges from songbird, star, bumblebee to lucky wishbone. The silver plate necklaces are very delicate – I should know.

On the Monday following the meetup, I decided to wear mine out while going to see my nephews after nursery and after taking my coat off, the necklace just fell. The chain had snapped and I was left feeling absolutely gutted. I tweeted about it, not realising that within moments, Utility in Liverpool One had offered to replace it for me – FREE OF CHARGE! I didn’t snap it on perhaps, it was one of those unlucky moments and I’ve very, very, very, very happy that it was replaced. But now, I’m too scared to wear it! Hahaha. Don’t be put off by mine snapping – it was just bad luck or a loose chain. These are beautiful £20 presents for your Mum, sisters and yourself.

Since receiving a second necklace, I opened the packaging a couple of days later and without touching the necklace, I could see that it was broken once more. I won’t be taking it back to Utility but I was really looking forward to wearing it.





Cute jewellery is seriously a win with me! These two gorgeous pieces (prices not included on the Facebook page) are perfect to slip on when you want to add a boost to your outfit. I was really worried that the ring would be too big as my fingers are tiny but thankfully, it fits like a glove and the bracelet doesn’t slip off. The elephant is quite possibly my favourite out of the two – they’re beautiful animals and they look great on bracelets/necklaces.

BeSpoke Bracelets


What’s a blogger with a bracelet confirming what we are? I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It’s so chic, cool and stylish. I just can’t take it off especially right now when I’m blogging about this post. These are all hand made as well which makes it even more wonderful. If you’re interested in this particular bracelet or with a different hashtag, they are £8.50 and well worth it I think.

I hope you enjoyed this jewellery post!

EL xx

Q&A With Debut Author Cressida McLaughlin

In February, Cressida McLaughlin was announced as the new author for Harper Fiction! As a friend, Twitter follower and fan of her writing, I was thrilled! Cressida’s first book will be published as a series in four separate e-book instalments. I sat down with the extremely lovely soon-to-be author for all the latest news about her deal and what’s to come in the near future…

Q. First of all, a massive congratulations! How long have you known about the book deal with Harper Fiction?
A. Thank you! I met Kate (my editor at Harper Collins) last year, and she offered me the deal in December. It’s been a few months now, and I think in some ways it still hasn’t fully sunk in! Maybe that will happen when Wellies and Westies is published and people start reading it.

Q. Your first book has been announced as Wellies And Westies – has the publication date been released yet?
A. Wellies and Westies is out on the 30 April this year – ten days away! It feels like it’s come round really soon!

How beautiful is this cover?

Q. Publishing in four part series as really took off recently – Lisa Dickenson and Harriet Evans are just two of the authors who have done it. Is there a particular reason why you wanted to be published like this?
A. It’s such an exciting way of publishing stories. It builds up the anticipation and hopefully, if the reader loves the characters, they’ll be waiting eagerly for the next part. It’s coming back into fashion again – it’s been a long time since Charles Dickens – and I think that partly has to do with eBook publishing, and the flexibility and creativity that brings with it. It’s definitely a challenge to write a story that will work as four separate parts as well as a whole novel, but I’m enjoying every second of it!

Q. Will the book be published as a whole once all the parts have been released?
A. Yes, Primrose Terrace will be turned into a paperback once all four parts have been published. As you can probably guess, I’m very excited about being able to hold my book in my hands, and smell its lovely bookish smell.

Q. You’ve had a taste of the author world as you were part of the Sunlounger Anthology; did that give you the extra boost to really want to be published?
A. Being a part of the Sunlounger Anthology was incredible. Belinda Jones was so encouraging and enthusiastic about my writing, and it gave me the confidence to keep going. And having my story published alongside some of my favourite women’s fiction authors was a dream come true – it was a very important step on my journey to becoming a published author.

Q. Can you, exclusively, let us know what your favourite line from Wellies And Westies is?
A. My favourite Line? OK, how about this one:
She had to admit that, despite her best efforts, her first proper outing as a dog walker had not gone smoothly. Still, she would learn from her mistakes, and next time she strolled into Fairview Park she’d be completely in control, as serene as a swan, even if the bloody squirrel made another appearance.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your books and the writing experience.
A. Both the books I’m publishing with HarperFiction will be published in 4 ebook parts, and then as paperbacks. The whole process – from writing and editing, to covers and publicity – is a huge, exciting learning curve, and it’s fascinating to see all the work that goes into publishing a book. Bloody exciting is an understatement!

Q. If you were to give future authors and fellow writers one piece of advice in terms of getting published?
A. It’s not very original, but just keep going. It will be difficult, and you’ll probably face rejection along the way, but if you love writing – if you can’t imagine not writing – then believe in yourself and persevere. It took me a long time to get to this point, through lots of rejections and self-doubt, but now that I’m here, and I know that people will be reading my stories, it’s definitely worth it.

Q. I can review your books, right? Ha!
A. Of course! I’d love to hear what you think – and thanks for having me on your blog.

Follow the links to preorder now! 
Part One
Part Two 
Part Three
Part Four 

Twitter: @CressMcLaughlin

Album Review of Closer by Shayne Ward

Published: 13th April 2015
Label: MPG

Album Track: 

1. Moving Target
2. My Heart Would Take You Back
3. I Never Said
4. The Way You Were
5. Too Much To Lose
6. Crying Lying Eyes
7. I’m So Proud Of You
8. Make It Simple
9. Fake
10. I Let You Get Away


*Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by Shayne or his Label, this is just a fan expressing her admiration for a new album. My opinions are all my own. I am proud to say that Shayne co-wrote every song!

Moving Target

“You’ve got the sweetest kiss..”

With a beautiful piano and some finger clicks, the album gets off to a fantastic start. It’s the perfect intro to Shayne’s voice and as the beat becomes faster, it’s hard not to have a little dance while the song continues. His voice is crisp, clear and those high parts – WOW! That is what I’ve missed for the past four years. During the second play of the song, I found myself singing along – it’s so catchy!

My Heart Would Take You Back 

“Another night you’re out again…”

I’ve heard this song a lot recently as it’s the first single from the album and I can’t find fault with it one bit. With low and high parts, Shayne gives us the perfect song to dance to at a wedding as it’s one with anyone at any age can enjoy. It’s ideal for those who are going through a breakup as it’s very reflective.

I Never Said

“I never knew you were hurting inside.”

With a slow start to the song, you know this will be a powerful ballad. His voice and the accompanying music go perfectly together like salt and pepper. I was so into the words and meaning behind the song that I just don’t know what to say… Beautiful.

The Way You Were

“Take me to the way you were.”

Once more, the piano is at the beginning of the song with a soft percussion before the tempo is lifted and it’s a fantastic dance track. You can’t deny that Shayne doesn’t add to variety.

Too Much To Lose

“You were perfection.”

The combination of what sounds like a funky element on a keyboard and Shayne’s soft, slow vocal cords are so far apart from what ought to be different but it works so well! It reminded me a lot of his X Factor Live Show Performances and how his style was back in the day. Just wait until 1:43 and 2:37 because the high pitch is stunning!

Crying, Lying Eyes

“Drop the act, mamma raised you right.”

Oh hello funky guitar intro and Shayne’s voice going all attitudey! Love, love, love! With a gorgeous sound of a saxaphone/trumpet, this song is perfect for anyone who enjoys jazz music! I love the use of the word ‘closer’ throughout the sound because that’s exactly what fans want to feel towards Shayne. I like how the song didn’t just stop abruptly, the music carried softly on until fading out.

I’m So Proud Of You

“I wanna show the world, I’m gonna shout it from the rooftops!”

With an upbeat intro and Shayne’s powerful statement, this song gets off to a flying start and it’s difficult not to get sucked into the beat. It’s a beautiful, fast paced reflective song about loving a loved one. I can see this being a favourite of the fans!

Make It Simple

“It’s you I adore.”

Que the stunning violins and Shayne showing everyone exactly what he can do with his voice. This song is quite possibly my favourite of the ten! The lyrics are so relatable and teaches listeners that you don’t need expensive items when you’ve got someone at your side who you adore and vice versa. This is one of those songs which is ideal to listen to when you’ve lost someone.. As the saying goes “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”


“You’re a fake and a fraud.”

One word will cover this album completely – Powerful! Shayne’s voice in this song is incredibly strong and meaningful. It’s one of those which I can’t wait to learn the lyrics because it’d be great to sing along to when in the car.

I Let You Get Away

“I woke up to your photograph reminded me of all the silly things.”

The piano and a soft ballad is the perfect way to end the album. It’s not hard at all to be carried away by Shayne’s voice into your own little imagination. I’m not ashamed to say that this song made me very teary-eyed and I don’t cry easily. Beautifully stunning.


This is the first album we have had from Shayne since Obsession in November 2010 and I must say, it was well worth the wait because it’s powerful, beautiful and as much as I love his previous albums – this one is 100% Shayne. It’s real, it’s relatable and as emotional as the songs are, I’m in love with them all. Bravo Mr Ward, bravo!

Purchase on iTunes
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Purchase on

I hope you enjoyed today’s different review – I really enjoyed writing it! Let me know which song of Shayne’s you like the most.

EL xx

COME ALONG WITH ME: Meeting Shayne Ward

Happy Friyay! 

The very handsome and extremely sweet Shayne Ward won The X Factor back in 2005. Ten years later, he has released his fourth studio album Closer and still to this day, I’m 100% supporting him. From his gorgeous looks to his incredible voice, he can do no wrong and I was utterly excited to meet him. Que the fan girl post..

*Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by Shayne in any way. Just a fan finally meeting him!

On Wednesday morning, I hopped on a train to Preston only half an hour away for the HMV signing. I purchased my copy and began to wait in the queue. Shayne’s security, who were hilarious, brought out a cardboard cut out of the man himself and a cheeky picture did not go a miss..


I was first in line and after waiting just over an hour and a half, the man himself arrived full of smiles. The Pledgers and the HMV VIPs actually went first but after fifteen minutes or so, it was my turn to see the main man.

I want to get into the meeting part before I show you the pictures. Shayne is exactly how he is on the radio, on the TV, in his music videos.. By far, the most down to earth man I think I’ve ever met. He’s full of the smiles and you can’t blame him because the turnout was lovely! He took the time to see everyone and the evening before, I had a sneaky feeling that we wouldn’t be able to talk to him for long so I passed him a congratulations card with a letter inside.

All in all, I can’t fault Shayne or his new album one little bit. My former 14-year-old self who fangirled over him winning will be bloody chuffed right now. I’ve wanted to meet him for the past ten years and I know that with you reading it, there may be some eye rolls but it meant a lot to me that I was finally able to go and say hello (and have a hug!)

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for the mini album review coming next!


Shayne’s team came round and gave us all free pictures! So sweet.


JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE! Oh and the orange card..



I already had a pre signed copy of Obsession but decided to get the CD signed. 

I love how Shayne always wants to be close to his fans – not just on pictures but just by the little chat with him, you could see it in his eyes that his happiness came from seeing the fans happy. It’s just another element of why he’ll always have my support. Oh and he’s a lot more buff and hunky in real life – who knew?

Best day of 2015!

EL xx

Review of Smooth Cosmetics Lipstick & Lipcote


Hi everyone! 

At the NW Bloggers Meet Up, we were given quite a lot of lip products and as majority of us are beauty bloggers, that’s news to our ears!




To me, this sounds like a product with Kylie Jenner would use. I’m not one of those girls who becomes annoyed when their lipstick rubs off after having a drink; just reapply. With Lipcote, it allows your lipstick to have staying power! I wore it when I went out for breakfast at the Albert Docks in March and my W7 lipstick still came off when I had a cup of tea. I’m not fussed at all about whether it stayed on or not because it’s a minor thing but for beauty bloggers who want the perfect lipstick look 24/7, this is only £3.99 from the website.

Smooth Cosmetics




Hot pink lipstick is not for me and I wouldn’t purchase a Playboy lipstick; I just want to make that clear. The shade Bunny Girl wasn’t for me – it didn’t apply easily at all and took me quite a while to smooth it out with a lot of vaseline and lip liner. It just didn’t look good on me at all. However, if you’re after a lipstick that leaves the colour on even after you’ve washed it off – this is it. The colour would not budge at all. The website is down at the moment (or as I’m writing this) but I did locate the Amazon link for you all.

Not all lip products are for me, but I hoped you enjoyed the honesty never the less.

EL xx