The A To Z Of Me

Bonfire! Well, fire, little fires, fire pits, ect. The light, tremendous heat, sound and smell of a wood fire is really calming and fun for me.:

Hi everyone,

When I saw the A to Z tag on Kat’s beautiful blog, I thought why not? It’s fun, it’s a post I’ve never done before and it also had me racking my brain for quite a few letters. There are a few links here and there to some blog posts so don’t be afraid to have a cheeky look!

A is for America – I’ve been there once, in November 2013 where I visited both New York City and Orlando, Florida. Two very different places but never the less, it’s given me the American bug and I really want to visit some more states in the near future.

B is for Ben – my youngest nephew is the bees knees (well, they both are). Benny Boy as I call him is always full of smiles and giggles. He’s developed a love of books so I’m pretty pleased with my Aunty techniques so far.

C is for Creative – whether it’s writing a new blog post like this one, colouring in, making something; I love having my creative head on me and it’s times like this where I really miss my Creative Writing seminars at University.

D is for Dancing – I’ve been a dancer since I was three and I truly love it. Outside of my reading and film hobbies, it’s the only aspect of my life which I’ve kept going.

E is for Emma – yup, that’s me. I couldn’t actually think of anything for else. I’m not a big love of elephants or Eeyore so you know…

F is for Friends – whether it’s my best friend all the way in Newcastle *sobs* or my blogging friends or my friends at work, I’ve come to terms with the fact that having fewer friends is far better than having a big group of them.

G is for Gossip Girl – my new TV obsession. Chuck Bass is full of sass. I’ll leave that with you.

H is for Harry Potter are you surprised? No, I didn’t think so. I should have said Daniel Radcliffe for D but you know, he can be included in this. If you have just stumbled across my blog or this post, then welcome to my addiction to HP.

I is for Instagram – photography has somehow slipped into my life and I’ve learnt a lot about the iPhone 4 camera and what is can do with the beauty of some amazing apps. But you can read all about that in my blog post. Cheeky plug right there.

J is for Jessie J and Justin Timberlake – ok, so there are two for one letter, it’s no crime. Jessie J is the only female artist I’ve seen live twice with my best friend and she is just flawless. Justin Timberlake is a party; there is no other way to describe his 20/20 tour.

K is for Kardashians – yup, I’m addicted to KUWTK and their lives. It’s not a guilty pleasure; it’s actually fascinating to watch them continue to rule the world on a daily basis. And plus, North West’s faces to the paps are hilarious.

L is for Life – I’m still figuring mine out at the age of 24. Anyone else?

M is for Merf – my Border Collie puppy. He is a little attention seeking babe and I wouldn’t change him for any other puppy.

N is for Nan – both of my Nan’s are the best and sadly, one of them is no longer here but that doesn’t mean she isn’t important. I’ve developed an amazing relationship with my other Nan over the past five years or so and she literally is the Queen of Sarcasm. It’s brilliant.

O is for Ollie – my oldest nephew and possibly my best friend. There’s a story behind how much he means to me which I won’t share right now but put it this way; he came into my life at the exact right time.

P is for Peter Andre – BABE ALERT. I saw him live last October with my Cousin and he was seriously good. I’ve loved him before he went into I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and he’s just the bees knees. Also, he tweeted me once – check out my Twitter favourites.

Q is for Quiet I’m not loud but I’m not shy either. Being on my own, with a book or something on the TV is the perfect time to be quiet and just clear my head from all the rubbish. Aahhh..

R is for Rain – when you’re curled up in bed with a blanket and a hot chocolate. Yup.

S is for Silly – what’s life without being silly every now and then?

T is for The Script – my favourite band of all time. I have no words for how much I adore the Irish trio and I’m seriously excited for news of their upcoming album and UK tour.

U is for Unicorns – I’m not obsessed, I’m not addicted but they are cute and I couldn’t think of anything else for this letter…

V is for View – the view from my bedroom window is beautiful. Since the farmer decided to cut down some trees, I have an amazing view which I just can’t stop staring at. I must Instagram it constantly, whoops!

W is for Writing – well, I am @EmmaIsWriting on Twitter. Ha!

X is for X Factor love it or hate it, I watch every year and complain about the sob stories but so what? It’s something to watch during the Autumn/Winter months.

Y is for YouTube – since Summer 2014, I’ve started to become aware of vloggers. My favourites at the moment are The SacconeJoly’s and Lily Pebbles.

Z is for Zzzzz – stereotypical of me? I think so. I love my sleep. I don’t nap but over the years, I’ve learnt how valuable sleep is and I blimey well love it.

I hope you enjoyed the different blog post for today. If you’ve done one of these, let me know so I can have a nosy!

EL xx

Those Little Relaxing Apps


Today, I wanted to try something a little different with inspiration taken from a recent YouTube video from Anna aka. Vivianna Does Makeup which you can watch here. The video really struck a chord with me as I’m quite the worrier, I’ve battled my own anxiety and until recently, I was having no panic attacks but every now and then, I’ve found myself having mini attacks which are very easy to control but I wanted to use this as a chance to try a different approach.


Apps come in all shapes and sizes whether it’s Social Media being used daily or Candy Crush that can be played without the need of WiFi. You can’t deny that they do come in handy. I’m going to go through each app with little notes here and there about how I’ve found them to be useful on a daily basis or just every now and then.




Calm is a headphone based app which is brilliant for when you’re in a busy area and you’re feeling a little anxious or stressed. What I like the most about this app is that before you’ve even begun, you’re doing deep breaths before the session itself. I found that the 9 minute session was useful when I had a long period of time to myself in order to collect my thoughts.



The Pottery app is a dark horse. You wouldn’t think that moving your fingers about on a screen to create a pretend vase would be relaxing but it actually is. I’m yet to come completely to grips with this app, I think it’s one you’ve got to continue going back to in order to really benefit from it. Plus, if you’re feeling creative with nothing around you – it’s great.



From Anna’s suggestion, I downloaded an app called Rituals which gives you the choice of 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes of relaxation whether that is relaxing your body, relaxing your mind or just enjoying the moment. You can use these if you’re out for a walk in the countryside or when you’re on the train. I really have benefited from this app more than I thought possible and I’m so glad that someone like Anna informed me about it because now, I can share it with you!

Now, I may only have three apps to help me but I think it’s best to have few which you truly benefit from than having many which you struggle to connect with. If none of these apps worked for you, just simply type in key words such as ‘relax’ ‘anxiety’ ‘stress’ etc. to your app store and SO many free ones will pop up.

I hope today’s post helped you in some way. If you have any free app suggestions, please leave them in the comments below for fellow readers – thank you!

EL xx

My Two Week Soda Stream Challenge


Happy Monday!

Here’s a question for you: do you drink enough water? I know I don’t. Did you know..52% of Brits admit to drinking more tea and coffee than water, over three million Brits think soft drinks/energy drinks are better for them than water, 30% of Brits say “they need caffeine more than water” and finally, 38% of Brits think water is boring. Are you nodding your head along to any of those? I know I am.. So when Soda Stream got in contact with me about a two week challenge, I accepted.

*Disclaimer: This product has been kindly sent for review but my opinions are 100% my own. 






For two weeks, I swapped the unhealthy fizzy drinks for more of a refreshing taste every single day. This challenge was certainly a challenge for me as I was in work and I also headed to Newcastle for three days so how did I manage? I drank like a fish!

Soda Stream’s Power Black is a fantastic addition to my kitchen. It’s very easy to put together (with the help of a YouTube video, I won’t lie), it comes with everything you could possibly need. If you’re looking to invest, I would highly recommend chilling your water in the fridge of a night time so it’s very fresh in the morning and you can refill as many times as you like during the day.

So, how did I get on?

I’ve never drank soda water until now and first impressions: it’s bitter and it did take a little bit of getting used to. I found that drinking a full glass first thing in the morning and last thing at night really benefited my skin. With the three individual blast buttons, you can go from weak to strong depending on your own personal taste – I remained weak but really enjoyed it.

After my two week challenge with Soda Stream, I’m definitely still going to continue drinking more water.

EL xx

“Baby, It’s Fun Outside & Cosy Inside…” Christmas With Yankee Candle


Happy Friday! 

Christmas is on its way with exactly 2 months and 23 days to go, but who is counting? Tom Fletcher, that’s who. The shops seem to sneak in the festive items around September but I held off until now to bring you my first Christmas post of 2015 and I made sure it was an unbelievable exciting one!

*Disclaimer: Yankee Candle’s PR team have kindly sent these products for review but my opinions are 100% my own and are not influenced. 



Whether you’re looking for fun Winter moments outside in the snow or to curl up with your loved ones inside, Yankee Candle have produced four beautifully festive candles to get you in the mood. And yes, that is a candy cane.

Baby, it’s fun outside..


Bundle Up is a deep green in colouring, cosy in scent and one for both Autumn and/or Winter! With the burn time between 25-40 hours; the delicious combination of citrus, powdered snow and fresh linen is quite warm and inviting for a supposedly colder season. Let’s face it, despite being all bundled up and outside in the typical English weather – we’re still cold.


Winter Glow is my favourite – let me just put that out there. Imagine walking in a beautiful snow-covered forest on Christmas Eve during the afternoon sunshine – that my friends is Winter Glow. With the frosty feeling keeping you warm and fuzzy inside, I’m seriously in love with this beautiful scent. Oh heaven.

…And cosy inside


Berry Trifle is a deep red berry colouring with a heavenly scent of tangy, sharp berries in a bed of soft vanilla cream. How many times can I saw berries in one sentence? It’s quite the strong berry scent (which will give you a headache if you smell it too often, my bad), but it’s delicious and makes me wish I liked eating berries. But instead, I’ll have this lit during dessert time on Christmas Day because my Dad will 100% be eating a trifle – it’s his tradition.


Cosy By The Fire is yet another gorgeous red coloured candle with scents of ginger, clove, orange all combined with wood to give off the perfect cosy by the fire feeling. This candle brought back a lot of happy memories for me at my Grandparents home with their open fire during Christmas time – I’ll be lighting this and remembering all the precious memories in their home.

All of the candles come in the following sizes;
Wax Melts – £1.49
Samples – £1.80
Tealights – £6.99
Small Jar – £8.99
Medium Jar – £18.99
Large Jar – £21.99

I hope this rather early Christmas post helped you get into the festive period. Let me know which candles you’ll be burning in the final month of the year. 

EL xx

Autumn Every Day Make Up Look


 Can you believe it’s October tomorrow? 

September has gone seriously fast. Now that we’re officially into Autumn, I thought I would talk you through what I’m wearing day-to-day on my face. My makeup doesn’t particularly change a great deal but I thought I’d show you a slightly updated everyday makeup routine, why not eh?

*Disclaimer: None of these brands have sponsored me for this post. My opinions are 100% my own. Ones which have been gifted are marked with an *








Products Noted

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
Collection Cosmetics Collection (Fair)
Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Powder (Fair)
MUA Heaven & Earth Palette
Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara (Waterproof)
L’Oreal Super Liner Ultra Precison
Collection Cosmetics Gorgeous Glow Blush
Blistex Happy Lips (Strawberry)  *
Max Factor Lipstick (Rosewood) *

It’s simple but I personally love my everyday makeup routine. Are there any products which have slipped into your Autumn look?

EL xx

A Year With Merf


Happy Monday!

Are you fed up of seeing that utterly adorable face yet? I hope not because TODAY marks the 1 year anniversary of when Merf came into our family. I’m not going into details of where my Uncle bought him from because some people think you should buy a rescue dog, others say you should buy only to breed and others think that you should buy them from a farm. I’m not going to discuss where we bought him from because that is our choice – what I will say is that this little chap is going to be getting the snip sometime this year or possibly next. Yikes.

So, today’s post is just of a few Merf snaps which you may have seen on Instagram but I’m going to post them anyway..


day one – three months old – straight under the radiator


four months old – I wish he still slept like this


four months old – having some cuddles


five months old – stealing carrots
(dogs are allowed, fear not!)


eight months old – cheeky chap


a year old – sulking because I wouldn’t share the blanket


a year old – guarding his ball


a year old – breaking the boundaries


a year old – loving life

So, I hope you enjoyed this photo based blog post. It’s just a mini celebration of having Merf with us for a year (that’s seven to him, poor sod), but I wouldn’t change him for the world. He’s a little babe with his own personality and I just love having him around. He definitely makes the grey days seem brighter.

Do you have a puppy? Let me know!

EL xx

Autumn Nails ft. Revlon



No joke, I love Autumn – the cosy nights, the extra blankets, the hot chocolates with marshmallows, the crunchy leaves, the jumpers, the sound of rain when you’re inside.. I just love it. If Winter wasn’t my favourite time of year, then Autumn would be it but as I’m a Christmas baby, I’m madly in love with Winter..

Today (as I’m heading out the door to work), I thought I would bring you an Autumn post all about nails and believe me, you can expect a few more as we all embrace the gorgeous season.

*Disclaimer: Revlon have not sponsored me for this post. The opinions are 100% my own. 



I’ve spoken about this beautiful Revlon colour ‘Teak Rose’ many times on Twitter & Instagram but I was saving it for Autumn to share with you all. I came across my very first Revlon product in a cheap makeup shop for £2 when out with a fellow blogger. I adore the colour and it truly is beautiful for Autumn.

I personally prefer two coats of Teak Rose on my nails (and one on my toes, but there’s no need to see those) and it gives off a sensational deep plum colouring. I’ve been really enjoying the Rimmel pastel nail polishes throughout Summer and I deeply wish the Revlon polishes had the same lasting effect as the Rimmel ones do.

Are there any nail polishes you particularly love wearing throughout Autumn? 

EL xx

The Pros & Cons Of Owning A Border Collie



What better way to kick-start your Wednesday than with pictures of a cute pup? This is Merf but I’m pretty sure 90% of you have met him before when I did a walkies post and that went down a storm! The feedback on social media was absolutely crazy and people just seem to love to see him.

Merf came into our family on the 28th September 2014 and it was by far, the best decision. Border Collie’s are a working dog so we all knew that he would be a lot of work but you know what? He’s been worth it because he’s really good (and rather cheeky).

So today, I thought I would share with you a few pros and cons about what it’s really like to own a Border Collie from their first few weeks up until they’re a year old. As much as I would LOVE for this to be picture heavy, it won’t be because next Monday I have another puppy post lined up..

The Pros..

1.) The cute factor.


Believe it or not, Merf was four months old here (I double checked my iPhone with dates), but this little bundle of fluff truly was a puppy.

2.) They Love Attention

Merf is looked after by six family members so he’s used to ALL of us constantly giving him cuddles and a few treats here and there. If I were to say to him, “where’s Grandad?” He will either go running to the door or he’ll go over to him if he’s here on that particular day.

3.) They’re Intelligent

Merf picked up on “sit” within a matter of weeks. I used a technique on YouTube which consists of you pushing down on their little bottom in order for them to sit. I had to do this three or four times but holding a toy or treat above his head worked.

4.) They Love Excerise


Okay, this can go both ways I guess.  I don’t mind going for walks, along as he’s with us. His long lead isn’t long enough and he’s become used to our regular routes around the area in which we live in. Our garden is quite big as we live on a corner so it bends round which means we’re able to throw balls for him and he can have a really good run without my Uncle having a melt down because he won’t come back after being let off in a field. Believe me, it happened.

5.) They’re Very Loyal 

I think it’s safe to say that Merf loves our family unit. He’s started to bark every time someone knocks on the door now which he never used to do or if he’ll hear a car, he knows when to expect someone or not. But yes, we do have the odd joke of where we knock on the table just to send him hyper. It’s quite hilarious.

The Cons (I don’t like this)..

1.) The Biting/Chewing


I can not tell you how shocked I was at this. This is the only piece of furniture in our house which he has chewed and that’s because he had left his toys in the kitchen and just couldn’t be bothered to go get one. My Grandad’s furniture is a whole other story..

2.) The Humping

Merf is a boy. I could stop there. When they’re puppies, they tend to hump an awful lot and we made the mistake of giving him blankets which he grew very fond of. If I were to pick it up, he would take that as an opportunity to hump it. It’s safe to say that he grew out of the humping stage very quickly (around 6/7 months) and thankfully, he’s never tried to hump another dog.

3.) The Crying


PUPPY EYES. I took Merf to my Grandad’s for an afternoon when I had an afternoon where I couldn’t take him. So I left him for literally an hour and he acted as if it were the end of the world. It wouldn’t let me leave for starters so I used the back door and gate instead. I could hear him crying as I’m walking past the window and it absolutely killed me. According to my Grandad, he was in a right grump for that hour.

4.) The Toilet Training

Sloopy poo and wee on the carpet. Need I say more? Word to the wise: the second your puppy finishes eating, put him/her outside straight away. I taught Merf to put his paw on the door when he wants to go outside and it works wonders.

5.) The Sulking

On one side of his personality, he is proper sulky/grumpy and on the other, he’s cheeky and full of beans. The sulking is mainly in regards to me not sharing my human food and not letting him outside when it’s a storm. I’ll usually get a nudge from his head and then just constant “I’m not happy with you” glares.

Now, that wasn’t as bad as I thought. I adore our puppy and I’m seriously happy that he’s in our lives. The cons aren’t as bad as I thought they would have been. PHEW! I’m still doing okay in the puppy owning world. If you have any pros/cons of owning your dog, please do share them. I’ll see you on Monday with another Merf post.

EL xx

Veronica Henry’s High Tide Inspired Recipe

Veronica Henry here, welcoming you to Pennfleet!

Pennfleet is the fictional seaside town where High Tide is set. I first visited it in The Long Weekend, which followed the lives of the owners and guests in The Townhouse by the Sea hotel over one summer weekend.  I longed to return to Pennfleet and explore its narrow winding streets further, and find out about the people who lived there.  It’s no secret that Pennfleet is inspired by Fowey, in Cornwall, a place I adore and visit as often as I can.  Every time I go there, I press my nose up against the window of the local estate agents, and fantasise about buying one of the houses for sale.  It might be a tiny fisherman’s cottage, or a rambling cliff-top mansion, or a sleek modern penthouse with a sea view.  One day, I decided to look behind the doors of all my fantasy homes and see what was going on.

The Long Weekend was set in glorious summer, but for High Tide I wanted to write about the mellowness of autumn.  For me it is a time of change and a chance for new beginnings, and that is very much the theme of the book.

Here is a quick recipe inspired by autumn in Pennfleet – enjoy!!

Field mushrooms on toast (for two)..

First dry fry a couple of slices of prosciutto in a pan until crispy.

Leave to one side.

Melt a generous tablespoon of butter in pan.

Gently fry a clove of garlic, taking care not to burn.

Add a selection of finely sliced field mushrooms and cook until soft, adding more butter if necessary.

Add a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley.

Toast two thick slices of sourdough and tip the mushroom mixture on top.

Snap up the crispy prosciutto and scatter on the top.


High Tide is released on the 24th September and of course, you can read my review here! 

Review of Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara


Maybe it’s Maybelline..

Bloggers have a tendency to discuss the best beauty products pretty much all the time. Recently, I’ve seen quite a few talking about the new Maybelline mascara so once my beloved Benefit Roller Lash dried up (Christmas treat to myself, yup!), I decided to purchase the Waterproof version of the rather hyped up new mascara which was half price in Superdrug so I thought why not?

*Disclaimer: Maybelline have not sponsored me for this post. My opinions are 100% my own. 



Okay, let me honest – the Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara has been over hyped way too much. For me, this doesn’t extend my lashes as much as people have claimed. It does give a little bit of definition but I don’t exactly have long lashes to begin with, so perhaps it’s because of that? I think the packaging screams Maybelline which I really love. The brush is superb – I love that it is curved.

This is the first Maybelline product I have ever purchased and I’m not completely convinced about it. I’ll continue to use it on a daily basis because it’s the only mascara I have at the moment. If my opinions change, I will let you know.

The mascara is available in Superdrug at £7.99

Have you tried the new Lash Sensational Mascara?

EL xx